“BigFish-One Stop Global eCommerce Solution” from Solveda!



BigFish is a scalable and flexible eCommerce solution. It is a solution with which retailers can enhance their business by being able to sell globally without leaving their desk. BigFish includes all components needed to manage an integrated eCommerce business, spread across brick and mortar stores, virtual stores and marketplaces. It is a customizable solution that can be tailored and scaled to your specific needs.

Integration is the soul of Retail. We ensure it across your Retail System!

Grow your online business through Solveda!!!

  • Technology- A world class open source solution that leverages the power of Apache Ofbiz ERP with no vendor lock-in headaches and proven baseline features with ability to scale.
  • Pre-built solutions with powerful features and flexibility to change key elements on the fly to suit dynamically changing business landscape.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of your business, from eCommerce, order management, fulfillment and warehouse management through manufacturing, purchasing and accounting.
  • Fast time to market, 35 – 90 day implementation
  • Scalable and Supports multi-channel operations and cross channel shoppers
  • Supports B2B, B2C & Marketplaces
  • Mobile ready, using Responsive Web Design(RWD)
  • Provides a platform for best in class
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)

Fortis Health World

Fortis Health World

My Vishal Store

My Vishal Store


Why BigFish?

  • Customizable– Every business has its unique needs. BigFish can be customized to address your specific business requirements easily and quickly.
  • Scalable– One can implement individual modules and add other modules as your business grows.
  • Cost Saving– No License Cost.
  • High Compatibility– BigFish’s compatibility with numerous application servers, database servers, and operating systems drastically reduces the initial hardware and software investment required by your eCommerce initiative.
  • Sound entity model and framework– Great development environment.
  • Ready for the Future– Big Fish is built on Apache’s Open For Business (OFBiz) ERP project that has been downloaded thousands of times. In the future, Fortis Health World & Vishal can add new systems by simply opening up interfaces to the underlying ERP suite

Using BigFish, Solveda was able to implement a fully functioning eCommerce solution in a fraction of the time taken in traditional eCommerce development projects. Our eCommerce Platform replacement project for one client was implemented in just 35 days.

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Solveda CSR Activity



We are very fortunate to have something in our life. We have got everything, but there are some from whom life has always taken and gave nothing. Some efforts are necessary to make their life better and give them some of the part which we have achieved. In order to do this, we, a group of Solveda employees, visited an NGO named DEEPASHRAM (a Missionary of Charity Mother Teresa Home), which is home for physically and mentally challenged children.

DEEPASHRAM was established on July 3, 1994 and shelters 38 handicapped boys and men ranging from 8-26 years. What started as a small community in Sector-4 Gurgaon, is now registered with the Missionary Brothers Of Charity, and as a society with the Haryana government. While some boys came from the Missionaries of Charity, others were brought in by the police, medical superintendents of hospitals, neighbors and NGOs. The children here are taught to develop skills to make them less dependent. The centre works to rehabilitate and reintegrate those children with mild mental retardation, through education and training. Many of the boys lack the percentage of mobility that allows autonomy; thus, they require constant care.

Solveda team reached the orphanage at around 9:30AM. The volunteers met the caretaker of Deepashram & interacted with the disabled and mentally challenged children. Team spent over an hour in Deepashram & understood their requirements. Deepashram depends on contributions from benefactors for the daily upkeep of the centre & medical needs of the boys which include check-ups, neurological screenings, psychological assessments, and physiotherapy. Based on their current requirement, SOLVEDA donated two coolers to them. Though it is not enough, but treat it as a first step of SOLVEDA towards betterment of society.

Let’s continue our efforts towards the betterment of the society, for which we are engaging with other NGOs as well. We will update you our future course of action soon.

Thank You for reading it out.

Expecting more volunteers as part of our team