Are we retail ready?



Before even pitching solutions to retailer, it’s important to ensure that your solution is retail ready.

Do you know what this process fully entails? Being retail ready isn’t just about having a final product. It’s about having all the requirements that retailers need to enlist before they go online. We need to be omni-channel ready, give the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from desktop, laptop, and mobile device or in a brick and mortar store.

Simply put, retailers will not work with software vendors who do not meet the criteria of being retail ready.

Sure, they’re looking for a great, unique solution which meets their both online and offline needs as well as their customer needs. Beyond that, however, they need a strong technology vendor who is reliable, domain expert, retail ready, and one that they can work with in the long term.

Your retail ready checklist

Below is a top line sense check which outlines the key factors to consider when thinking about being retail ready.

  1. Effective and compliant solutionThe Solution should be robust, compliant and scalable. It should grow along with the business.
  2. Deliver the customer-centric services shoppers demandToday’s cross channel shoppers demand a personalized and seamless shopping experience, so the solution should have the feature which would enable retailers to easily manage cross-channel promotions, fulfillment and returns including in-store pickup of on-line purchases and drop shipment of out-of-stock or virtual inventory items and transact sales, returns and credits in multiple and mixed payment forms.
  3. Built-in cross-sell/up-sell capabilityThe Solution should have in-built cross-sell and up-sell functionality, which would enable retailers to push multiple products online and increase their sales.
  4. Fast Single Page Check OutThe Solution should have one page check out facility, as today’s shoppers are always on the move and does not like to fill in much detail. Single page check out will increase more conversion rate.
  5. Attractive eCommerce Website TemplateIt should be built on search friendly and easily managed templates designed around the retailers’ unique business and brand objectives.
  6. Content Management SystemThe Solution should allow you to easily create and manage images, content, searches and navigation on one more unique websites.
  7. Competitive and comprehensive pricing modelYour pricing model needs to remain competitive along with the market and take every aspect of the development process including time and effort into consideration.
  8. Valuable support and service of your solutionSupport and service plays a vital role in customer retention. Once the solution is being taken, the job doesn’t get over there, you have to compliment with a good software support and service.
  9. Social Media Plug-insIt should be added to your website to drive customer satisfaction and conversions.
  10. Minimize Shopping Cart AbandonmentThe solution should be able to minimize the shopping cart abandonment.
  11. Fully Integrated Online and Offline Retailing SolutionFinally, the solution should be fully integrated with ERP system and other retail management solutions like POS, Merchandising, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, and Reporting & Analytics, giving the retailers everything they need to succeed.

This is where Solveda’s BigFish comes into play. BigFish is the ladder to unfettered ecommerce growth. Take your business where it wants to be –right on top! Scale high with BigFish. Shoppers want to access your store anywhere/anytime, give them this facility with BigFish.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Production ready
  • Fast time to market, 35 – 90 day implementation
  • Fixed cost
  • Managed risk
  • Lowers barrier to entry to a robust environment
  • Integrated and scalable
  • Supports multi channel operations and cross channel shoppers
  • Facilitates dramatic business process improvement
  • Provides a platform for best in class
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)

By Boney Moshahary- Manager- IT Services & Solution Marketing @ Solveda India

Solveda India, a leading global system integrator with core pedigree being an on-time, on budget approach to solution development. For more info on solutions and offerings from Solveda, please visit:


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