Solveda skillfully engineered Vishal’s dream


It was 29th Dec, 2014 when Vishal Retail Ltd., one of the leading Departmental Store Chain in the country went live with the support of Solveda’s BigFish as their eCommerce Platform.

Their vision was to select an eCommerce platform that is proven, scalable and most importantly suitable for a Grocery-FMCG retail business in India. They were looking for a platform that has a competitive acquisition cost, quick deployment time and integrates well with their existing POS, ERP and backend systems.

Vishal, having been watchful of the success rate, launched yet another project with Solveda, which is into fashion. This project went live on 12th Feb, 2015. Check out

Solveda was a natural fit for Vishal’s unique need and successfully delivered the eCommerce solution which is totally integrated with the existing system and provides freedom from Vendor lock in hassles and total cost of ownership to Vishal. It provides an interface for Vishal’s business stakeholders to manage inventory, pricing and promotion campaigns without deep technical involvement.

The project was crucial for Solveda too so, as to stronghold the India retail gamut.


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