Yamaha Music, the world’s largest music instrument manufacturer selects Solveda to redevelop its eCommerce platform


Yamaha Music , a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation of Japan and the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer has chosen Solveda to redesign their ecommerce website for the ASEAN region. Yamaha Music Asiapacific Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and caters to the customers in that region. They had already invested in the IBM Websphere Commerce platform and was selling the Yamaha brand of music instruments , audio and visual devices and professional audio equipment on their  online store.


Business Context

  • The online store was not fully leveraging the power of IBM Websphere Commerce 7 .
  •  There were frequent performance issues. Yamaha music felt their UI and customer experience did not accurately reflect the brand equity.
  •  The company was looking to capture a larger share of the audience in Singapore.
  • Yamaha Music also runs a chain of music schools and was looking to integrate the class schedules and events with the online store

Solution Components Used

  • IBM Websphere Commerce 7
  • AS/400 Integration
  • JDA for pricing management

Business Impact

  • Improved site response times , vastly improved user experience , seamless navigation and better conversion rates
  •  Site set up for future integration with Yamaha’s global eCommerce business
  •  New functionalities like social commerce, mobile responsive design and analytics added
  •  Ability to launch customer segment based marketing campaigns and promotions


Yamaha Music Asiapacific Pte Ltd was running IBM Websphere Commerce 7.0 . The online store front primarily targeted the Singapore market . However, the platform was heavily underleveraged  and Yamaha was not fully able to leverage the platform capabilities.

Having had limited success meeting their goals, they were contemplating replacing the platform .After a long and detailed due diligence , demo sites and project scoping spread over 6 months, Yamaha Music finally decided to renew the Websphere Commerce license and engage Solveda to rebuild their online store .

SolvedaAsiapacificPteLtd , based in Singapore and Solveda India jointly worked on this project to deliver a highly transactional store with superior customer experience .

  • Yamaha Music losing behind mobile users as current platform not compatible with mobile devices
  •  Current platform does not allow web exclusive promotions

Solveda’s Solution Approach

Solveda engineers worked with Yamaha’s business and IT stakeholders to create a new generation user experience for the site front, integrated the site with social channels and took advantage of the customer segmentation features in Websphere Commerce to help the company launch targeted marketing promotions.

  • UI 2.0 – Using Aurora store available in WCS7.0 Feature Pack 7, Solvedacreated a new web interface with Web 2.0 features
  • Integration with Social Commerce – Yamaha Music site was integrated with key social commerce channels from WCS 7.0 to allow cross channel traffic
  • Mobile Support – Offered Mobile Responsive Design to support mobile compatibility
  • Google Analytics – Integration of Google Analytics tool to capture customer browsing behavior
  • Customer Segmentation leveraging WCS – Targeted marketing promotions and campaigns can be run based on customer profile based pricing (teachers, students, leads, prospects)
  • Use Customer-centric marketing web activities to drive more sales, SEO optimizations added
  • Site Performance – Solveda QA and engineering team helped improve the site performance by applying several performance tuning initiatives


  • Vastly improved site performance with minimal downtime and quick page response times
  • New look and feel reflecting Yamaha Music’s core business of delighting music aficionados
  • More control for the business team over marketing campaigns leveraging features available in the Websphere commerce platform
  • A platform that is scalable and can be used to launch in other ASEAN geographies when Yamaha Music expands in the regional markets
  • Capture more touch points with mobile responsive design

Vivek Chandrasekharan , Head – Business Strategy (eCommerce) at Solveda Software , said the company is delighted to partner with one of the most admired corporations in the world in this challenging assignment. He added that Yamaha’s trust in selecting Solveda after a year long due diligence is testimony to Solveda’s specialized capabilities in developing highly transactional eCommerce websites and the long track record of industry leading work executed by its IBM Websphere Commerce practice.







Why Didn’t You Find That Bug!

By  Shilpa Bajpai, QA Lead @ Solveda India

Why a tester miss a bug?

The question seems to be very simple but going through it enlighten a fact that this is a serious problem within a process which led to the serious conflicting environment in production.


Why it happens sometimes that a tester is not able to identify a simple bug which even doesn’t require any extra ordinary skills?  After spending so much hours in testing procedure why tester is not able to identify trivial defect. Is there any specific reason?


The question may astonishing but it’s the fact which never be neglected in clients prospective.

Some of the points are enlisted which can limit the number of bugs are enlighten and discussed below –


  • As a tester, the simple reasoning for it can be due to the instance that when a huge amount of environmental changes is applied in the application before going live. The main focus for the tester remains to the limited area without involving itself for a procedural testing of the application. Hence, the tester misses a very trivial issue before production. One subject that wasn’t touched upon was that of an aggressive project deadline – especially when the scope keeps changing.


  • The last minute change enforces the tester to specify the testing to the major system flow which ultimately mask the bugs and hence, it gets determined on first day in production cycle. The likely cause of bugs is that everyone is focused on making sure last minute critical functional tests are passing.


  • However, if we are in the team where “development time” lays more weight than the “test time”. So in this a situation can also arise where testing time given can be less than then the estimate. Within that time, tester has to test efficiently and has to make the system Bug free. If anyhow when obvious bugs come up in production, tester seems to get the immediate blame, but the problem is much more deeply rooted in the way the team (or even the organization) operates.


  • There might be a situation when tester can find a bug which is not easy to replicate. Even though these bugs are very obvious then also, there can be a situation where the bug found is not replicable. These types of hardly replicable bugs when found by client can also create tough situation for a tester. Such bugs can be like crashing of a mobile application frequently (no specific time) whose reasons (not sure) can be like due to memory leaks, Server, battery problem etc.


  • This scenario mainly happens with the new testers or tester new to some domain. Sometimes, tester thinks of a situation and creates scenario that if this event is triggered, this can happen. But, due to ignorance or lack of time or any other situation, he skip the issue. Later when found on production, he remarks like I knew this would happen etc. etc…

But, how to justify the faults, its obvious reasons to recover our self from this inheritance.So, one conclusion can be that if the organization is following a procedure at every phase of development will ultimately produce lead to a system with minimal holes in it. One level of process should be set so that bugs can’t left unfound. Also, tester can find number of ways to decrease the number undiscovered bugs but can’t guarantee that he can make system 100% bug free.



Shilpa Bajpai is a QA Lead at Solveda India,.a leading global system integrator and is currently working on testing for a large accounting system for an Insurance company. For more info on solutions and offerings from Solveda, please visit: http://www.solveda.com