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If you are an eCommerce practitioner – Business or Tech – you have to be at the 6th edition of the Techcircle eCommerce forum 2014 on Jan 29th 2014 at ITC Maratha, Mumbai to catch up on all the action happening in the Indian eCommerce ecosystem .


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Techcircle E-Commerce Forum 2014 , part of the VCCircle Group , leading financial media and information services group, has come up with the 6th annual edition of its prestigious Techcircle E-Commerce Forum 2014 on 29th January at ITC Maratha, Mumbai. The forum will discuss and debate key trends, opportunities and challenges in Indian e-commerce today. According to the organizers, this edition will feature panels on hybrid e-commerce, logistics and new model sin payment gateways. 

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Solveda Software

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Long Island New York, Solveda is an award winning eCommerce focused system integrator. In the US, Solveda clients include Sleepys (America’s largest mattress retailer), Fujifilm, BNP Paribas, American Financial Group, 1800athlete, 1800fishoil etc.  In India , Solveda has helped build eCommerce solutions for 6 of the leading retail businesses including  mJunction, Carrefour India, Satya Paul (Genesis) , Religare Wellness, Vishal Retail and Airtel.   Solveda engineers also help run mJunction – India’s largest eCommerce initiative. At Solveda , eCommerce is our core pedigree and we believe we do it best.



Selecting The Right eCommerce Partner : A Make or Break Decision For a New eCommerce Initiative

By Vivek Chandrasekharan , Head – ecommerce Business Strategy & Development, Solveda Software

Much has been written about Platform comparisons and Technology choices for launching an eCommerce project. Whether you are a PHP, Java or Ruby shop, now you have an eCommerce Suite that fits your taste and there are probably thousands of developers out there who can help develop solutions on these technologies. Analyst reports like the Forrester wave offer very comprehensive reviews of both B2B and B2C commerce suites.

However, when it comes to selecting the right solution development partner , how does a business come up with an objective analysis of service providers ? What should be the  key metrics that should be evaluated while identifying a potential eCommerce solution developer ? How do you assess their capabilities in a Technology they claim they have expertise in ? And most importantly how do you know their price quote makes sense to your business ?

The short answer to these questions is that there is no one-size-fits all partner skillset. An assessment of your business & its unique needs should precede selection of a Technology or a Partner. Some key questions to ask:

  • Are you a lifestyle entrepreneur / Niche Store targeting a small segment e.g.: HNIs?
  • Single Brand Retailer going from a vast offline business to online ?
  • Aggregators with products from multiple merchants / marketplace model  ?
  • Building a B2B Commerce or a hybrid commerce channel  ?
  • Or Just filling a gap in the current solution – We already have something that works but just need payment processing, order management,  mobile commerce or any such subset of the ecommerce system

Partner’s Depth of Technical Expertise


  • Platform choice and partner’s technical breadth around the platform technology – Whatever be the choice of Technology, it is important to assess the partner’s capabilities by asking for the number of certified resources, average work experience of the development team etc
  • Role diversity of team members in the proposed project team  – Does the team have a good balance of architects, project managers, developers, designers, BAs ?
  • Number of implementations with the same technology , comparable projects and outcomes of those projects
  • Development methodology – Agile /Waterfall ? How does the team adapt to iterations based on new customer insights? What tools does the partner employ to manage the development process ?
  • How is change control handled? Does the partner provide comprehensive project documentation and continuity planning in case there are changes to the team composition?
  •  What is the technical support arrangement provided by the partner post  implementation ? Does that coverage and cost make sense for the business in question ?

Partner’s Depth of Domain Expertise

  • Is the partner just a services shop or do they bring tacit knowledge around the customer’s business domain ? Do they offer literature around eCommerce best practices for that industry ?
  • Will there be business analysts in the project team who bring knowledge of the business processes around the customer’s business ?
  • Can the partner share publications/methodologies/whitepapers on their preferred approach  to implementing solutions for the industry that the customer is in ?
  • Does the partner bring in experience in the geographies of interest to the customer – currency, language , delivery & fulfillment process, cultural understanding ?
  • Maturity of Partner Eco System – Who are the vendor’s partners for critical components like payments, hosting , analytics etc

Cost of Ownership


  • Can the vendor provide a TCO analysis for your specific business scenario ? Volume based roadmap scenarios and TCO estimates for 2/3/5 year periods and compare with alternatives
  • Does the vendor have a process to inform and incorporate version upgrades in future ? Is this cost covered initially ?
  • Cost of post implementation technical support and its impact on the project cost
  • In the event of platform replacement in future, will the skill set of partner’s IT resources be relevant ?

By no means this is comprehensive but it provides insights on key factors that both Business stakeholders and Technical stakeholders must evaluate in a prospective eCommerce development partner. For more info or to share your thoughts , write to us at or visit our website to browse for

more rImageesources .

Team Solveda Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year !

Solveda wishes everyone a Very Happy New Year. May this new year bring newer opportunities, better challenges and exciting adventures !